LauraHeader5Sex & Drugs & Real Estate: Coming of Age in the New Age follows the accidental career of a brash 21-year-old named Laura, who stumbles through jobs, boyfriends, cocaine weekends, and New Age spirituality to emerge three years later more grown-up than not. Or so she sincerely believes. A memoir that reads like a trashy novel, the manuscript is finished at 89,360 words. I am seeking representation. Sample Chapters.

cover for ebook front 5 february 2015Fresh Eyes contains thirty-nine essays penned by noted scholar of library science and Tennessee history, Mary Utopia Rothrock, as English assignments during her freshman year at Vanderbilt in 1907. Order a print or Kindle version from Amazon:

martas cat cousinsMarta’s Cat Cousins Say Hello is available only as a FREE download It’s a lighthearted tale told by Larry and Ricky, two little cats who are adopted by Marta’s aunt and uncle. Download your copy here: Marta’s Cat Cousins Say Hello

Fringe_Florida_RGB_Book_CoverMy friend, Lynn Waddell wrote the wonderful book, Fringe Florida: Travels among Mud Boggers, Furries, Ufologists, Nudists, and Other Lovers of Unconventional Lifestyles and I was honored to be her editor. It’s a delightful introduction to some of Florida’s most eccentric free spirits.