A topic I explore in my memoir is the utterance of the words “I love you.” This specific video was an inspiration. (Sorry,you have to endure a stupid ad first; but muddle through and watch at least a minute ten. It’s worth it.)

Today I heard myself repeating most earnestly “I love you” and was reminded of the girl in the video. The object of my affection was the semi-feral Ambergino. Days ago, a happy gay boy walking down the sidewalk in front of my bungalow told me that Ambergino was “younger and prettier” than Romeo, the other semi-feral who haunts my yard. Thus, it was only logical that Romeo would bully Gino. I adore Gino and tolerate Romeo. I tried to talk the happy man into adopting Romeo so that Gino and I could be alone together. The human said we could talk when his old cat clicked past ten lives.

gino rightsideMe to Gino: I LOVE YOU!

Gino to me: I know.

Me: I love you!

Him: I know.

Such an old story.

romeo 1And Romeo is incredibly sweet, with humans. He needs to be an only cat.