“She’s a Witch!”

An Anachronism. Or is it?

I’ve been labeled such at many points in my life. This life. Thus far, I’ve evaded the noose and the flames. I can’t stand anything tight around my neck but yeah, whatever. I’m still breathing.


It’s usually an ugly label. When the bad part of that definition was recently turned against me (a lifelong dedicated good witch, for the record), I found myself in profound despair in my verdant backyard. Crying out to my version of God I wailed,”Oh Mother, how can I be so misunderstood? To do evil, to cause harm in any way is my very last intention. How can I be perceived otherwise?”

And it hit me. Then. Centuries of weight crashed on my shoulders. So many right-intentioned, maligned women who were labeled and blamed and put to death. Like me, they walked in the light. Like me they tried to live their truth. And even in 2022, we are feared and blamed. Things change and nothing changes. The light flickers and the darkness looms. Then and now. Always.

Whatever. Peace out.